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Use InfoPath 2010 to Query an Oracle Database via a Custom Web Service in SharePoint 2010

Wow that's a long heading...  Let me explain how this is done, and why this path was chosen out of all the options.

THE OPTIONS Still to come...
SETTING UP There's quite a few large steps to get this done, so I'll split it into the following sections, ensuring we test along the way to make sure we haven't missed a step:

Install & Configure Oracle Client on Web ServerCreate custom Web Service in Visual StudioDeploy Web Service to IISBuild InfoPath FormConfigure InfoPath ServicesDeploy InfoPath Form to SharePoint Environment Install & Configure Oracle Client on Web ServerAsk your Oracle DBA what version of Oracle the database is running on.Navigate here and download the corresponding Client (for this excercise get the 32-bit version if its an option): to the IIS Server (Web Front End)Extract and install, here's the settings I used for the installInstall DB Software OnlySin…