Windows 10 - Trying to Install Legitimately

Got home from 3 months holiday & my Windows 10 Preview had expired on my only computer at home.

First off, couldn't even boot the computer because certain core windows files had 'expired'.  After changing the date & time in the BIOS to a year in the past, I was at least able to log in.

All good, I knew about the free upgrade from Windows 8.1 which I had a product key for, so I downloaded a copy of Windows 10 pro x64.  

Next problem, USB wouldn't appear.  tried to troubleshoot via Disk Management.  Due to changing date & time in BIOS the computer didn't trust me to open anything that required administration rights....  awesome.

so now cant find any way to get installation media off the computer.  Luckily my partner had a laptop with windows that I could use.  Jumped on it, downloaded windows 10 AGAIN, straight onto a USB stick.

stuck in USB to main computer, tried to install windows 10, formatted main drive, got an error message about installation media not being able to use the partition or some bullshit.  after trying to use DISKPART to zero out the SSD because it's worked for me before, turns out all I needed to do was disconnect my other hard drives while i was installing windows.

Windows 10 installed without me having to insert a product key which is good because I planned on inputting my windows 8.1 product key once it was installed. 

Tried inputting product key, error.  after some research, turns out you can't just put on a fresh copy of windows 10 and use your windows 8.1 product key, you actually have to upgrade from windows 8.  I wanted a fresh start because my SSD doesn't have much space.  So the process you have to follow is, Update to Windows 10 from windows 8, THEN format and install windows 10 and it should automatically recognise your hardware (No more product keys!).

all up, it took about 10 hours to install Windows 10.  legitimately.  maybe that's why they skipped windows 9, the number relates to how long it takes to install... ?


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