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Office 365 - SharePoint Online: Run a Report to List Your SharePoint Service Administrators

I've begun setting up the governance model for SharePoint Online and was working out the best way to ensure when I give someone SharePoint Administration Access that they automatically have full access to administer every Site Collection.

My method is to use the 'SharePoint Service Administrator' Group.  This is the group that you are added to when your O365 User Account is assigned the 'SharePoint Administrator' Role.

My reasoning is that way when a staff member joins the team you only need to get them added to one spot and they are good to get on with the work.

Occasionally you will want to check that the right staff have access.  How do you report on who is a member of that group!?  I searched high and low to no avail.  When that fails, there's only one choice...  Powershell.

Here's the script you need to run in order to bring back a list of every user that has been given SharePoint Adminstrator Access:

#Connection to Office 365
$msolcred = …

SharePoint Online - Switching Between Classic & New Experience

Did you click the 'return to classic SharePoint' button in SharePoint Online and are unsure how to get the New Experience back?

You need to clear all cookies from your browser and load up the site again.

There doesn't seem to be any button in the GUI that allows you to switch the new experience back on for your specific profile.

Update 27/07/2017: Microsoft have advised that they are adding a 'return to Modern UI' button so people can quickly switch back and forth