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SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Features & CALS

You've just been told that despite having a SharePoint 2010 Enterprise licence, your users also need a Standard CAL + Enterprise CAL.  Shit!

Step 1:Review whether you use any enterprise features.  and if so, review which sites you need them to stay if any.

What do all those features enable exactly??  Infopath Forms Services might not mean that you can't use Infopath with SharePoint if you dont have enterprise, it may simply mean that you can't use Infopath INSIDE a browser.  So if your users have InfoPath installed on their local computer, then it's not an issue disabling Enterprise features.

Step 2:  If you don't need Enterprise features, and need to disable them because of licensing issues:

Disable in Central Admin:  Manage Web Applications > Manage Features > Deactivate SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features on each Web Application.

Disable at Site Collection Level: Site …