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The Perfect Responsive FREE eCommerce Solution

So you're building a website for someone, and you've bought the domain name and found a nice reliable company to host it.  Nice work.  Now what?

There is a plethora of options out there, so to save you a little bit of time, here's the solution I went with that is pretty ace.
Firstly, there were a few prerequisites that I needed to tick off.  The site had to: Be Responsive (look sexy on all devices)Be Free (client was a low budget business and it wasn't worth paying for templates, etc)Have a shopping cart systemSit on a CMS (Content Management System - so the client could update content themselves)Be easy to navigate and manage
Here's the setup I decided upon which works a treat: CMS:WordPress
Shopping Cart Plugin: WooCommerce
Shopping Cart Add-in: Weight-Based Shipping (For basing shipping cost on weight of bundled items)
WooCommerce Theme:Travelify
Installing each of these is an absolute breeze, and within 10 minutes the site was ready to have content and products p…