The Perfect Responsive FREE eCommerce Solution

So you're building a website for someone, and you've bought the domain name and found a nice reliable company to host it.  Nice work.  Now what?

There is a plethora of options out there, so to save you a little bit of time, here's the solution I went with that is pretty ace.

Firstly, there were a few prerequisites that I needed to tick off.  The site had to:
  • Be Responsive (look sexy on all devices)
  • Be Free (client was a low budget business and it wasn't worth paying for templates, etc)
  • Have a shopping cart system
  • Sit on a CMS (Content Management System - so the client could update content themselves)
  • Be easy to navigate and manage

Here's the setup I decided upon which works a treat:
CMS: WordPress
Shopping Cart Plugin: WooCommerce
Shopping Cart Add-in: Weight-Based Shipping (For basing shipping cost on weight of bundled items)
WooCommerce Theme: Travelify

Installing each of these is an absolute breeze, and within 10 minutes the site was ready to have content and products put in.

Lastly I'd just like to thank the developers of all the products above for their hard work, saving me (and hopefully you!) a lot of time and pain!

Edit: Since this post, I have noticed a few issues with the solution which I have solved in the following post: 


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