MS Ignite - Introduction to Hololens (MOB221)

Many people had mixed feelings about this session, which is ironic given Microsoft are calling the Hololens a Mixed Reality device.

  • No Hololens at the event
  • Every video shown had already been released on the internet
  • We had to get up at 7.30am to not see a Hololens

A few takeaways from the session:
  • You can use Maya to auto-update holograms as your working with it on your computer
  • Microsoft has developed a camera to see what the hololens sees without having to have a hololens on yourself.  Apparently only 2 of these cameras in existence
  • Can collaborate with other people around the world on the same holographic scene
  • There are some battery life concerns.  We were advised to keep this in mind during app development and try and limit the polygon count on any holograms developed
  • Recommended Skillset: Game Studio, Art, Audio, Design, Engineering, Production, QA
  • The development edition of the hololens is being released in Q1 2016.  US only....
  • Field of view: can still see the edges of normal vision

Funny things to mention: The presenter was not pleased about all the Field of View questions that came out at the end of the session.  The response was that no one who has trialed the device has complained about FOV, but instead come out exclaiming that "I walked on fucking Mars!" (In relation to the Mars experience that Microsoft developed with NASA).

A few attendees were quite disheartened by the no-show of the device:

It wasn't disappointing for everyone though:

Session Rating: 3/5

Reasoning: I'd gotten to bed at 3.30am that morning and only got up in the hope I would see a hololens.  I would have preferred an upfront explanation that no device would be shown at the event and that everything shown in the event had already been pre-released on the internet.

Despite this though, it was presented well for people who knew nothing about the device.  I'm just not sure anyone of that calibre existed at MS Ignite.


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