MS Ignite - Office 365 Groups Overview, Administration and Roadmap (PRD313)

Session Takeaways:
  • By default any user can create a Office 365 group
  • When a group is created, a container is provisioned to allow staff to collaborate using the office apps of their choice.  This saves waiting for multiple IT teams to provision team sites and distribution groups.
  • Provides business users with an instant way to set up a new project and share information.
  • Enables the end-user a choice of platform without being pigeonholed onto a prescribed application.
  • Groups allow staff who get late access, the ability to see all of the past conversation that has happened.  unlike email distribution groups where the conversation is lost in individual mailboxes.  This will save time having to catch up and save having to ask the same questions if you're new to a project.
  • Can Insta-videocall all members of an O365 Group using Skype for business.  Can also start writing up meeting notes straight away within a call
  • Groups integrate with power BI and Dynamics CRM.
  • Groups REST API's now available.  Allowing you to connect group security with your other Line of Business applications.
  • You can use Azure AD to use group security in hybrid scenarios

For IT:

  • You can set Group naming policies.  Just like how Yammer uses a Bad-Word dictionary.  You can set it up so that staff can't call a group "Shit company" or something just as useful.
  • Can also force groups to have prefixes.  e.g. all Technology groups might need to have 'TECH' added to the name.
  • Showed the 2016 roadmap for O365 Groups

Musings:  I have this concern about how messy groups will get if any punter can create them.  The roadmap shows they are soon adding the functionality to set expiry dates on inactive groups.  That sounds GOOOOOD.

Rating: 4/5

Reasoning:  Kinda similar to first O365 session so they did duplicate some of the information. Getting roadmap information is nice though.  Still got some nice detail regarding groups.  Despite the expiration functionality, I'm unsure how the content that is created within those groups is archived/deleted.

Link to Video/SlideDeck:


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