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SharePoint Online - Share or Copy Link Button Defaulting to 'GuestAccess' Link

Ever tried to copy or share a link in SharePoint Online and it defaults to providing you with a Guest Link that is 'accessible to anyone in the organization'?

It's a really good option for staff that want to quickly share a document without having to understand SharePoint Permissions.

Unfortunately, the Guest Access Link forces the user to open up the document In-Browser using Office Online.  I personally can't abide this until the functionality between Online & Client are 1-to-1.

How to Fix
SharePoint Online defaults the Sharing settings for copying & sharing links to "Internal - People in the Organization Only' , which basically means 'Guest Link that opens in browser'.

To change this you just need to go to:

  • SharePoint Administration Center
  • Sharing Tab
  • Change the 'Default Link Type' setting from 'Internal' to 'Direct - Only people who have permission'
  • Done!  No more links with 'guestaccess.aspx' in them.


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