AvePoint DocAve 6 - How to Fix the Error "The timer service is down"

Logged into DocAve today to move some content from one site to another, only to come across this error as soon as I logged in:
"The timer service is down, which may cause the manager service stop working.  Please ensure your timer service is started."

My first thought: Don't care, as long as I can still complete my task.  So went to Content Manager, tried to expand my farm in the tree-view, only to get this error!
An error occurred while loading the data.  Please view the logs for details.

I'm the kind of man that uses Logs as a last resort, so here's how I fixed it:

Logged onto the server that is hosting the DocAve 6 Manager, then opened up the 'Manager Restart Service Tool' for DocAve from the Start Menu & restarted all three services:

Once they restarted, tried logging back into DocAve, but turns out one of my Server Agents was still down:
 View of Agent Monitor which can be found by navigating to Control Panel > Agent Monitor in DocAve 6.

These agents are what gets installed on each Farm to action tasks you make in DocAve.  So then I logged into the Server (Agent Name) that had the stopped agent.  Once there, ran the Agent Restart Service Tool & all was fixed.

Anyone else have DocAve issues they need help solving?

If you enjoyed this, here's another post about resolving a DocAve issue I wrote a little while back:


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