MS Ignite - Power BI: The Developer Edition (DAT341)

some brief notes on what was learnt in this MS Ignite session

Link to session video:

Covered in the session:
  • A feature to publish Power BI Desktop reports to SQL Reporting Services is coming soon!
  • The Power BI Team is working on tiles able to be embedded on a web page and viewed by anonymous viewers.  Will be able to embed entire dashboard at some point.
  • Link for developer information is at the bottom of power BI home page ( 
  • How to extend Power BI using custom visualisations
  • Can embed Power BI Tiles into PowerPoint presentations
  • REST Api's are available to do things like  list all tiles & dashboard & datasets and tables and groups
  • Can find approved custom visuals here:
  • Can't pin custom visuals to dashboards yet.  team estimates late December
  • You can download Custom Visuals inside the Desktop Application by clicking the '...' shown below

My rushed notes:
  • AAD auth: add application, native client app,  enter redirect URI.  Then configure power BI permission on ur new app in azure.
  • Custom visuals: built in d3.js .  pbi service built with typescript using angularJS.

Develop your own visual:
  • Get github account.
  • Fork the powerbi-visuals repo.
  • Get vs community 2015
  • Install git, node.js.
  • Clone copy of ur forked repo.
  • Run npm install.
  • Getting started.  Before debugging.  Right click pbi-visuals > property pages > set to 'no build'
  • You'll mainly be playing in the clients folder in visual studio.
  • Set index.hmtl as startpage. In pbi visuals playground.
  • Plugins capabilities file will need to be updated if you are creating custom visualisations.
Thanks for reading, if you'd like to know more about Power BI, why not check out some of my previous posts:


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