AvePoint DocAve 6 Manager - Admin Account Disabled

Today I tried to log into our DocAve 6 Suite on our SharePoint 2010 environment and came across this error message:
Sorry, the account has been disabled. Please contact the administrator
My guess was that due to inactivity (hadn't logged in for a few months) the accounts had been disabled.  The problem was that every Administrator account had been disabled so I couldn't get in!

After a quick call to AvePoint, the techies solved the issue quick smart.  Here's how you can save yourself a call and Enable a user accounts status again:
  • Log onto the SQL Server that stores the AvePoint Databases.
  • Navigate to AvePoint's ControlDB
  • Right-Click > Select TOP 1000 rows for the table dbo.AccountMapping
  • In the results, you should see all your accounts, and a Status column which states whether the account is disabled or not (1 = disabled, 0 = enabled)
  • Right click the dbo.AccountMapping table and Edit TOP 200 Rows, and modify the Status from 1 to 0 for the account in question.
  • You should now be able to log in with that account.
To stop this issue happening again, log into DocAve and navigate to this area to change the length of time accounts can remain Inactive for: Control Panel > Security Settings > Inactive Period


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