SharePoint 2013 - Cannot open excel or word documents

Have you recently upgraded to SharePoint 2013 but can't seem to open excel or word docs inside a Document Library?

Are you getting a URL that starts something like this?

  • ms-word:nft|u| 
  • ms-excel:ofv|u|

Chances are it's because you have both Office 2010 installed on your computer as well as either the full Office 2013 suite or any single Office 2013 product (Here's looking at you SharePoint Designer 2013!!!).

The reason for this is related to the new Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support feature that gets updated when you install an Office 2013 product, in turn updating a few pointers to look at the Office15 Hive folder.

Others have solved this issue before me, but to save you having to read lots of comments, the solution is to install Office 2010 SP2.

Here's some links to a few blogs that helped me realise the cause and find the solution.


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