SharePoint 2010 - Calendar with multiple resources and Double Booking prevention

So I know this is an OOTB feature, but I'd been looking for exactly this solution for (let's be honest) quite a while.

A SharePoint Calendar with which you can book items/resources like projectors, laptops, meeting rooms, etc.  A calendar that also checks whether that resource has already been booked on that specific date and time.

Anyway, There is an official Microsoft article at the bottom of this post, but because it took me so long to find, I'm duplicating it:

1.  Activate the 'Group Work Lists' Feature for the Site.
2.  Enable'Resource Reservation' in the Calendar List Settings > Title, Description and Navigation
3.  Ad resources to the 'Resource List' that would have been created when you enabled the Group Work Lists Feature
4.  Use Calendar
5. Profit

Official Article:


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