Bhōj Indian Restaurant Docklands - Review

After dining at Bhoj on valentines day, I thought it would be nice to give some feedback.  For those interested, you can find more direct information here: .

Location:  54 New Quay Promenade, Docklands, Melbourne.  Although it's not the easiest of locations for many Melburnians to get to, the travel time is often worth the effort, which was definitely the case for this experience.

Atmosphere:  Clean, friendly, quiet and slightly classier than the usual places I frequent.  I'd suggest sitting outside as it started to get slightly too loud inside as the tables filled out.

Price:  For the docklands, very reasonable.  We paid $55 each for a 3 course meal and your looking at around $30 for most bottles of wine.  On a normal night main meals are around $15-$20 each, or $40 for the banquet.

Food:  If I was to go to this restaurant again, I would definitely go for the banquet.  You get to taste the majority of items on the menu, and you will receive much much more than you could ever possibly finish.  Entree was definitely my favourite, recieiving a plate with enough food adequate for a main meal, and each item packed with flavour while at the same time going very well together.  The main dishes I found a little disappointing, with some not being thick enough and others not having enough kick, along with some just lacking flavour.  As for dessert, I can't really comment, but the girlfriend enjoyed the pistachio ice-cream.

Staff: Great!  Happy to let you sit there and gather up the courage to hit another course.  very professional.

Overall, despite some of the main meals lacking, the experience was great and I'd head back there again if only for the banquet.


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