The Mana Bar Melbourne - Review

Name: The Mana Bar
Address: 336 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Theme: Video Games
Open Times: 3PM-11PM Weekdays, 12PM-11PM Weekends

The Mana Bar; I'd like to give you a thorough review of it.  The vibe, the people, the games, the prices.  For those that don't know, Mana Bar is a place where alcoholic beverages & video games are offered in the same venue.  You can buy a beer, pick up a control, shoot someone in the leg, have a sip of your beer and receive a roundhouse kick to the head all within 20 seconds.

When we first arrived to check out Mana Bar, we waited outside for people to leave as they had reached their 50 patron limit.  Usually I'm not one for waiting in lines, but the bouncer was a great bloke who told us all about their liquor licensing restrictions (which they are looking to extend to hold more people, and hold them later into the night) and we kept ourselves entertained by peeking through the windows to see all the on-screen carnage that was happening within.

It was only a few minutes before we were in and had a beer in hand.  Entry was free, gaming is free and beers were 8 bucks a pint which is pretty standard for most bars in Melbourne (I was suprised it didn't cost more).  The atmosphere was great, obviously you don't go to a bar full of video games unless you love playing, which meant that everyone had something in common, and most gamers seemed pretty experienced.  There was a good mixture of gender & everyone was happy to rotate around the 4 controllers on offer on most screens.

The venue is very small, but with the 50 Patron limit, there is plenty of room to move/sit/lean.

Here's also a list of some of the games they had on offer the night I was there (I am unsure if these change, but I would be happy enough if they stayed the same forever!):
Marver Vs Capcom - Unsure
Call of Duty: Black Ops - PS3
Super Smash Brothers - Wii
Guitar Hero w/ 2 Guitars

There were 4-5 more screens with other games on them, but I either hadn't seen them before or have forgotten what they were after 4 days of work.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to going back a bit earlier in the day(arrive at 3PM leave at 11PM anyone?), and hope that they do get the extended liquor license to keep people there into the wee hours of the morning.



  1. i'll go, and i'll fucking kick your ass too

  2. There's no FIFA there for you sports scalliwags, so good luck!


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